ABS 2011 Population and Housing Census

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Census Collectors – will you be one?

Australia’s largest ever job drive is about to begin.

In April this year approximately 29,000 casual Census Collector jobs will become available, with 900 of these jobs available in Tasmania.

Census Collectors are needed to help deliver and collect approximately 14.2 million Census forms to Australia’s 9.8 million households. 

Across Australia, Collectors will be responsible for about 500 households in cities or about 200 households in Australia’s regional areas.

Head of the Population Census program Paul Lowe says Collectors are critical to the success of the Census.

“Census Collectors are the most important cog in the Census machine. Without Collectors, Australia could not be counted,” Mr Lowe says.

Mr Lowe says Collectors make an enormous difference to the quality and accuracy of the data produced from the Census.

“The data has benefits for every state, every town and every community in Australia. Being a Collector is a great opportunity to help your neighbourhood.”

Census Collectors will receive between $1,300 and $2,800 for the part-time position and will be employed from 1 July until 8 September.

Applicant information kits will be available in April, online at www.abs.gov.au/census

Key Census Dates

9 April 2011 Collector applications open
28 July 2011 eCensus opens to the public
9 August 2011 Census night
10 August - Early September 2011 Collection of Census forms
June 2011 the first results from the 2011 Census will be released

Tasmania Together works closely with the ABS and supports the 2011 Census which is a very important source of data for Tasmania.